Get Yourself The Great Big Umbrella

It is raining cats and dogs. If not that, it could be pouring buckets. But for the farmer, out in the meadow, trying to plough his damp soil with his ploughshare hitched to the back, he might be muttering; it is raining Billy goats, or chickens and eggs, or any other such as it relates to small-time farming practices. But maybe not. Maybe the farmer on his heavy, hard-working tractor is doing just fine. Maybe he has hooked himself up with his great big tractor umbrella. See, not a drop. Dry as a bone.

tractor umbrella

Walk around town during a downpour and you will always see, here and there, a few sensible men and women. They have their big umbrellas over their heads and bodies, you see. Of course, you still wonder. Is it sensible to be walking around in rain this heavy anyhow? And who were you to ask in the first place. Where is your umbrella? And now look at you. You are sopping wet. What a fine specimen you are. Do not mutter if no one takes you seriously. Anyhow, you all know that it is usually not a good idea to be battering away in the rain like this.

It could be dangerous sometimes. But such is life. It is busy. People have lots of work to see to. And it is only a couple of blocks. And it might not be sensible to hail a taxi for this short route. It certainly may not be sensible to be clattering away on a tractor in a field during a downpour but what do you know about farming. And give the man his due. He is working that hard so that you can put food on the table tonight.