Common Issues Facing Veterans

Our veterans risked their lives to keep our country safe. Many of them lost limbs to fight in a war against another country simply because they believe in this country. Sadly, those men and women oftentimes come home to face many health and personal issues that greatly disparage their lives. What are some of the most common issues affecting our armed forces veterans?


Homelessness is a big problem across the country. Many veterans are homeless due to inadequate housing and medical problems. Homelessness oftentimes leads to many other problems, including drug addiction and mental illness.

Drug Addiction

More than 40% of all veterans are addicted to some type of illegal street or prescription drug. Heroin and methamphetamines are two of the most commonly abused drugs.  This is an alarming number of people who battle the disease of addiction on a daily basis, often as they deal with family issues and other problems in the process.

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Mental Illness

PTSD is one of the most common mental illnesses that affect veterans, but there are many others that cause concern as well. This condition is oftentimes caused by the time spent in combat. There are medications to help battle PTSD, but it certainly causes strain on life.

Show Your Support

There are many ways to help our veterans if you have the means to do so.  Many opportunities to give your thanks and a helping hand are out there. You can show your own service by purchasing items from a great military store online as well. If you served in the military you should be proud of this quality. Donate to a worthy cause or volunteer your time. Maybe a simple conversation with a veteran could be of benefit. There’s so many ways to help; do what you can.