How to Avoid Injury with Walkers

Many disabled and elderly people turn to a walker to assist them in getting around. And while the walker provides excellent benefits to those who need the help, they can also cause injury if not used properly. The National Center for Injury Prevention says that more than 47,000 people visit the ER due to walker related injuries every year. Keep the tips below in mind to prevent walker injuries and keep your loved one safe.

·    Add a grip to the walker. Grips are easy to add to the walker and can be purchased from many medical providers at an affordable price. This is a great addition for anyone, especially people with arthritis and hand conditions.

·    Add pre-cut tennis balls for walkers to the bottom. This prevents scratches and scuffs on the floor and can prevent the walker from tipping over. The pre-cut tennis balls are cheap and provide superior protection against accidents.

·    Choose the right walker. The walker that is used makes all the difference in the world. Ensure that you browse the walkers before buying and never assume that all models are created the same.

·    Use the walker correctly. Many walker accidents occur because the user leans over on it, which causes it to become unbalanced or unsteady. Do not step into the walker, but instead behind it and make sure that it’s not pushed out too far in front of you.

pre-cut tennis balls for walkers

Keep the above tips in mind to ensure walker safety for your loved one.  A walker is designed to keep your loved one thriving and with a bit of added precaution can certainly do just that. These tips are just a few that help keep your loved one safe and secure when walking with their walker.

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